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All-new Dodge Hornet Introduces Electrified Muscle to Dodge Brand

  • Dodge brand welcomes all-new Dodge Hornet to the ‘Brotherhood of Muscle’ vehicle lineup
  • Hornet joins Dodge Charger, Dodge Challenger and Dodge Durango in the brand’s four-vehicle lineup
  • 2023 Dodge Hornet offers a multi-energy lineup with gas and plug-in hybrid powertrains
  • Dodge Hornet R/T performance hybrid is the first-ever electrified performance vehicle from Dodge and represents first step on brand’s journey to electrified performance
  • Hornet begins new era for Dodge brand, representing an evolution that moves the brand forward on its transition to full electrification without moving away from what makes a Dodge vehicle unique.
  • Hornet breaks into a new space for the Dodge brand, the compact utility vehicle (CUV) segment, bringing Dodge style and performance to the mainstream CUV market
  • All-new 2023 Dodge Hornet GT is open for orders, with the Hornet GT reaching dealers in early spring and the Hornet R/T arriving in late spring 2023
  • For complete information on Dodge and the brand's Never Lift plan, which provides a 24-month road map to Dodge's performance future, visit and
August 16, 2022,  Auburn Hills, Mich. - Dodge is introducing the all-new Dodge Hornet, the brand’s first-ever electrified performance vehicle and the new gateway to the Dodge “Brotherhood of Muscle.” 
The Dodge Hornet aims to disrupt the fastest growing segment, bringing Dodge style and performance to the mainstream compact utility vehicle (CUV) market. Hornet marks a significant milestone for the brand, becoming the first all-new vehicle in the lineup since 2013.
“The new Dodge Hornet is a Dodge through and through,” said Tim Kuniskis, Dodge Brand Chief Executive Officer – Stellantis. “It’s the exact opposite of a by-the-book compact utility vehicle. Hornet is better looking and more powerful than any other car in the segment. And it’s the only one available with factory-warrantied, dealer-installed performance parts through Direct Connection.
“The Hornet name is a direct lift from the concept car that Dodge displayed a few years back (in 2006). Reviving a name like Hornet, that has visualization that ties into our past, drives greater engagement from our enthusiasts as opposed to using a generic name. The new Hornet might not have much in common with that concept aside from a name, but it fits perfect.”
Gateway to Muscle
The all-new Dodge Hornet is the brand’s gateway into the “Brotherhood of Muscle.” But it also represents the start of the brand’s evolution to full electrification. Performance-driven buyers will recognize Hornet as the first step in Dodge’s performance-through-electrification, and the only true performance CUV in the market.
Hornet will bring two new highly efficient powertrains to the brand: the Hurricane4, a powerful turbocharged four-cylinder, as well as an even more powerful plug-in hybrid. Both represent evolutionary steps – or a gateway – toward fully battery-electric muscle cars.
“The challenge is that the UV segment, like other segments, has become very commoditized,” said Kuniskis. “There are tons of players, and in a lot of cases the segment is very vanilla. How do you separate yourself from that? We want to do it differently by making Hornet a true gateway into the brand. It’s a gateway into part of the Brotherhood, showing what we can do within any segment.”
The Dodge brand is in the beginning of a new era — an evolution that moves the brand forward without moving away from what makes a Dodge vehicle unique.
America’s Performance Brand
Dodge owns a unique reputation as America’s muscle car performance brand, earned through game-changing vehicles such as the 717-horsepower Dodge Charger and Challenger SRT Hellcats, 797-horsepower Charger and Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeyes and 807 horsepower Charger and Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye Jailbreaks. The new Dodge Hornet is the next step on the Dodge brand’s path to becoming America’s No. 1 performance brand by 2025.

“We know a few things as the Dodge brand: we know who we are, we know where we win, and we know our customers,” added Kuniskis. “Our position as America's performance brand means we need to back it up with real performance claims that resonate with our highly engaged customers. Because we understand our customer, we know that the raw, passionate appeal of a traditional Dodge muscle car can sometimes clash with day-to-day practical needs. So, through the years, Dodge has expanded the muscle formula to bring more customers into the fold, from the four-door Charger to the most powerful SUV in the world. Hornet builds on that muscle recipe as it extends the Dodge brand’s offering to the compact UV segment.”

The Dodge Hornet breaks into a new space for the brand, the CUV segment, the fastest growing segment in the U.S. mainstream market, a trend projected to continue over the next five years. The all-new Dodge Hornet appeals to underserved CUV customers, slotting into white space where Dodge’s performance focus disrupts the segment and stands out from the crowd. 
Hornet brings CUV segment-first performance features to the mainstream, such as Brembo brakes, available premium Alcantara seats, standard Koni FSD Shocks, adaptive dual-stage-valve suspension, dynamic torque vectoring and an electronic limited-slip differential. The Dodge Hornet R/T performance hybrid model also delivers performance-through-electrification with an exclusive on-demand PowerShot feature that extracts max battery power, delivering a boost of 30 horsepower and instant torque and shaving 1.5-seconds off the normal 0- 60 mph times.
The Dodge evolution — performance through electrification
Dodge delivers performance, using innovation such as electrification to provide enhanced performance to its customers. Dodge vehicles will maintain Dodge DNA, with muscular exterior styling and a driver-centric cockpit familiar to current Dodge enthusiasts, retaining the Dodge attitude that loyal customers demand. Hornet is the first step in that journey.
Dodge’s reputation for performance will separate Hornet from the CUV pack. The Dodge Hornet offers the most power in the segment in both its traditional internal combustion engine, the entry-level Dodge Hornet GT model, and the brand’s first ever electrified powertrain in the form of the Dodge Hornet R/T.
Hornet’s multi-energy powertrain lineup delivers the most power with both gas and hybrid offerings: 268 horsepower and 288 horsepower, respectively.  But straight-line speed isn't the whole story with Hornet. Thanks to its rigid body, tuned suspension and dynamic torque vectoring with electronic limited slip differential, Hornet can take on corners as well as quarter-mile straights.
Hornet also comes stacked with new-generation, best-in-class technology and performance features, as well as factory-backed upgrades available for Hornet through Dodge's own Direct Connection performance parts program. Dodge will offer Direct Connection performance kits for both the performance hybrid Hornet R/T and the Hurricane4 turbocharged four-cylinder Hornet GT, with performance upgrades that will deliver sizeable gains in horsepower and torque.

The Dodge Hornet model lineup is lean and effective, and starts off like most things Dodge, with a choice of powertrains and performance:
  • The entry-level Dodge Hornet GT model offers the most powerful internal-combustion engine on a CUV, and with a starting price of $29,995, it is the quickest, fastest and most powerful CUV under $30,000 (excluding destination charge)
  • The Dodge Hornet R/T model packs the most power in the segment courtesy of its PHEV architecture and standard performance features like fixed Brembo brakes, column paddle shifters, 18-inch wheels and dual exhausts
  • Both models offer more standard features than CUV competitors, such as 22.5 inches of combined screens between the head unit and the class-leading all-digital cluster
  • The “Plus” models of GT and R/T include high-value content like heated and ventilated leather seats, power sunroof, Harman Kardon® premium sound system and a power liftgate
  • Optional packages include the Blacktop appearance package, with upgraded 18-inch darkened wheels, badges and mirror covers/moldings
  • The flagship performance Track Pack optional package includes 20-inch wheels, fixed red Brembo calipers, Alcantara seats, dual-stage-valve suspension and aluminum interior accents
  • Hornet offers a Level 2 Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS), called the Tech Pack, providing customers with cutting-edge driving and parking assistance technology
The all-new Dodge Hornet will be built at the Giambattista Vico Stellantis plant in Pomigliano d’Arco, Naples, Italy. The 2023 Dodge Hornet GT is open for orders and will begin arriving in dealer showrooms in early spring, with the 2024 Dodge Hornet R/T scheduled to hit showrooms in late spring 2023.
For more than 100 years, the Dodge brand has carried on the spirit of brothers John and Horace Dodge. Their influence continues today as Dodge shifts into high gear with a lineup that delivers unrivaled performance in each of the segments in which the brand competes while moving forward to a future that includes electrified muscle in the form of the next-generation, all-new Dodge Charger.

The next-generation Dodge Charger electrifies a legend, with the Charger retaining its title as the world’s quickest and most powerful muscle car led by the all-new, all-electric 2024 Dodge Charger Daytona Scat Pack. The all-new Dodge Charger will also offer performance choices via multi-energy powertrain options including the 550-horsepower Dodge Charger SIXPACK H.O., powered by the 3.0L Twin Turbo Hurricane High Output engine.

Dodge also keeps its foot on the gas as a pure performance brand with the 710-horsepower Dodge Durango SRT Hellcat, the most powerful SUV ever, and best-in-class standard performance in the compact utility vehicle segment with the Dodge Hornet.

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