FCA at CES 2020: Technology and Heritage Combine to Deliver on Rapidly Developing Consumer Demands

  • Jeep® brand showcases three plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, demonstrating FCA’s commitment to global electrification:
    • Electric vehicle technology the evolution of 80 years of Jeep 4x4 capability leadership
    • Jeep electric vehicles to carry all-new “Jeep 4xe” badge
    • All Jeep models to offer electrification options by 2022
  • New Jeep 4x4 Adventure VR Experience delivers simulated off-road journey on Moab’s “Hell’s Revenge”
  • Airflow Vision, a sculptural design concept, envisions the next generation of premium transportation and user experience (UX) by considering how the driver and passengers interact with advanced technologies
  • Fiat Concept Centoventi makes its North American debut at CES 2020 in Las Vegas
January 2, 2020 , Auburn Hills, Mich. -  FCA is using CES 2020 in Las Vegas to demonstrate the company’s newest technologies related to electrification, Uconnect user experience (UX) and connectivity in a visual and physical array, honoring and building on the company’s history and tradition of innovation.

Ever since the first car radio appeared nearly 100 years ago, automotive innovators have worked to contribute more technology to the space. FCA customers love and are loyal to the company’s brands partially due to heritage, and since CES is focused on electronics, it challenged FCA to mix the two pieces in a display of tradition and technology that addresses the growing expectations of car buyers.

Electric vehicles, connectivity and autonomous vehicles are among the hot topics in the auto industry. FCA’s visually and physically stimulating approach at CES showcases the company’s efforts in an ever-changing wave of technology while respecting the company’s history.
Jeep® Wrangler, Renegade and Compass 4xe Models
The Jeep brand is utilizing CES to showcase three plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, the first step in the brand’s plan to offer electrification options on all models by 2022. All Jeep electrified vehicles will carry a new “Jeep 4xe badge.”

Electrification, including the upcoming no-compromise Jeep 4xe vehicles, will modernize the Jeep brand as it strives to become the leader in “green” eco-friendly premium technology. Jeep electric vehicles will be the most efficient and responsible Jeep vehicles ever, providing absolute and quiet open-air freedom while taking performance, 4x4 capability and driver confidence to the next level. With greater torque and immediate engine response, Jeep electric vehicles will offer an even more fun-to-drive experience on the road and more capability than ever off the road.

Additional information about the Jeep Wrangler, Compass and Renegade 4xe vehicles, which debut this year, will be provided at the Geneva, New York and Beijing auto shows.
Jeep 4x4 Adventure VR Experience
Jeep has demonstrated 4x4 capability leadership for nearly 80 years. Merging electrification into the product lineup is a natural evolution. CES attendees will have a unique opportunity to see the Jeep Wrangler 4xe, the Jeep Compass 4xe and Jeep Renegade 4xe. All three vehicles are part of FCA’s commitment to globally launch more than 30 electrified nameplates by 2022.

Attendees wishing to experience a simulated 4x4 journey can take a ride in the new Jeep 4x4 Adventure VR Experience. Using Moab, Utah, one of the most popular off-road destinations for Jeep owners and enthusiasts, as a backdrop, participants will navigate the infamous Hell’s Revenge trail. The route is broken into different sections from intermediate to difficult. As an added bonus, among the virtual assets within the software is a driver's point of view inside the new Jeep Wrangler 4xe, giving participants a sneak peek of the most advanced Jeep Wrangler the company has ever built.

To create the virtual experience, a Jeep Wrangler Rubicon is positioned on four hydraulic cylinders, one at each wheel. The Wrangler reacts to input provided by actual wheel position data recordings made on the trail. The hydraulic system pushes the Wrangler’s engineered suspension, replicating the movement a driver would experience traversing an obstacle or cresting a hill. Inside the vehicle, participants wearing VR goggles will see the actual scenery correlated to the Hell’s Revenge trail. Each time a participating team completes a portion of the trail, the accomplishment is logged with team score and a virtual Trail Rated badge that can be viewed live via the "Jeep Adventure" app. Users can track their team score and compare with others who have participated in the Jeep 4x4 Adventure VR Experience. As the display travels to different shows and events around the world, additional off-road trails will be loaded into the module, giving participants a wide array of Jeep 4x4 seat time in different environments.
User Experience
UX has experienced significant growth and innovation within the automotive industry. Within the FCA booth space, six two-sided screens showcase the award-winning Uconnect system. Uconnect is a powerful foundation to build upon. What was once just about the radio is becoming less constrained to the vehicle itself, more helpful, content rich and personalized. Tailored for each brand and vehicle, the system is becoming a significant reason for purchase — about half of new car buyers consider technology in their purchase.
Airflow Vision Concept
The Airflow Vision is a sculptural design concept that envisions the next generation of premium transportation and UX by considering how the driver and passengers could interact with advanced technologies. It is created for customers with an on-the-go lifestyle and a desire for a first-class travel experience while balancing their technology needs within a serene environment.

Inside, UX plays a prominent role and is designed to be a captivating experience using multi-layered, high-contrast graphics and thoughtful details that provide a clean, sophisticated appearance. Built on the principles of depth, hierarchy, consistency and legibility, the user will be able to see and experience the interface in a way that is safe, easy to use and understand.

Using a menu-based format, screens can be personalized, simplified and grouped to individual needs and interests. Offering multiple display screens, the user can access needed information and determine how it’s displayed. Information on the screens can be shared with all passengers by swiping, allowing each passenger to participate in the experience. Customization and personalization are key, whether driving or acting as a co-pilot.

A simple, modern and spacious interior, accented by a light, calming color palette, offers passengers a home away from home environment and a first-class travel experience. Using the dimensions and flat-load floor of the Chrysler Pacifica PHEV, the interior creates a spacious environment for all occupants. Premium suede and leather materials are abundant, offering luxurious touchpoints to its occupants. Seating uses a unique slim structure that rests on a pedestal base, enhancing comfort and roominess and allowing for maximum legroom, shoulder space and personal storage for each passenger. Functional and ambient lighting enables the driver and passengers to create a personalized inner sanctum.

Outside, the Airflow Vision captures a new proportion with an elegant and clean design statement, and hints at the future of premium design. It features an athletic profile, long wheelbase, sleek lines and wide stance that creates a dramatic persona and aggressive, yet elegant silhouette. Simplified to its purest artistic expression, the Airflow Vision reimagines a muscular body that flows into and becomes one with the wheels. The wheels are inspired by mechanical elements of an electric motor and give the sense of motion similar to the internal mechanisms of a watch.

Crystalized textures throughout the vehicle add a sense of precision and intricate transition from exterior to interior. LED crystal lighting flows seamlessly into a cross-car blade that conveys a commanding presence. The Airflow Vision’s dramatic expression is completed by an Arctic White body color that conveys a sense of calm and serenity and is supported with a Celestial Blue underbody.
Fiat Concept Centoventi
First introduced at last year’s Geneva International Motor Show, the innovative Fiat Concept Centoventi makes its North American debut at CES 2020.

The Fiat Concept Centoventi represents the perfect expression of the FIAT brand’s vision of electric mass mobility for the future. Centoventi, which means “120” in Italian, is a concept that was introduced in celebration of the brand’s storied 120-year history.

The revolutionary concept addresses electric mobility with basic, customizable solutions. The Fiat Concept Centoventi is fundamentally a “blank canvas” ready to be painted to suit the customer’s tastes and needs at any time of their life, without customization restrictions linked to the time of purchase.

Produced in just one color, the vehicle may be “painted” by the customer using the “4U” program and the exterior may be personalized with a choice of four roof options, four bumpers, four wheel covers and four external wrappings.

Regarding the interior, from the instrument cluster to storage compartments and from seats to child-restraint systems, the interchangeable interior accessories may be installed in plug-and-play mode by the customer on the vehicle’s patented dashboard.

With its innovative battery modular architecture, even the concept vehicle’s range may be customized. The range may be varied to meet specific needs from 60 miles to 300 miles, which makes it perfect for urban commuting and for a weekend getaway by the sea or in the mountains.

One of the concept car’s strong points is that owners no longer have to wait for new special editions or facelifts; they may change their cars on any day. In addition, the Fiat Concept Centoventi sets another automotive benchmark as it becomes a social media device with its modern display installed in its tailgate.

The car has been designed and engineered with sharing and new forms of urban mobility in mind. The cockpit is equipped with a small screen facing the windshield outward, it can be used to communicate messages, such as busy, free, parking paid, etc. In addition, a second large tailgate display enables Fiat Concept Centoventi to supersede the concept of connectivity to become a social media device on which messages may be shared with the outdoor world. When the vehicle is in motion, the car will only show the FIAT logo, but once it stops, the driver can switch to “messenger” mode and create a new message.
Located in the main building of the Las Vegas Convention Center, FCA occupies more than 6,000 square feet of floor space at CES, offering visitors an exclusive delivery of knowledge, engagement and entertainment. Stationed at the center of the display is a rotating theater. As the 40-foot circle spins like a gigantic turntable, attendees’ view of products changes as does the story-telling digital display on a unique, Hologauze screen, aligning brand with history and technological innovation. Above, a conical LED screen teamed with light provides an aerial performance of design with imagery.
Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) is a global automaker that designs, engineers, manufactures and sells vehicles in a portfolio of exciting brands, including Abarth, Alfa Romeo, Chrysler, Dodge, Fiat, Fiat Professional, Jeep®, Lancia, Ram and Maserati. It also sells parts and services under the Mopar name and operates in the components and production systems sectors under the Comau and Teksid brands. FCA employs nearly 200,000 people around the globe. For more details regarding FCA (NYSE: FCAU/ MTA: FCA), please visit www.fcagroup.com.   


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