Alfa Romeo F1 Team Stake Launches 'Beyond the Visible' Fourth Episode ‘Measuring the Unmeasurable’

  • The fourth episode of the Alfa Romeo-branded "Beyond the Visible" series goes behind the scenes with Alfa Romeo F1 team Stake
  • New episode focuses on aerodynamics, the science of airflow
  • "Measuring the Unmeasurable" now available on Alfa Romeo's official social media and YouTube channels
March 22, 2023 , Turin, Italy -  The wait is over. As of today, the fourth of five digital episodes in the Alfa Romeo F1 team Stake docuseries, ‘“Beyond the Visible,” is now available. The show goes behind the scenes and beyond with Alfa Romeo F1 Team Stake as they compete in the world's most watched motorsports competition. Titled "Measuring the Unmeasurable," it’s the latest installment of the compelling Alfa Romeo-branded docuseries, which has enjoyed great success in its first three episodes: “Before We Hit the Ground,” “Trust Is Gained” and “The Hidden Backbone.”
The fourth episode focuses on the secrets of aerodynamics, the science that studies the dynamics of airflow to control resistance, friction and motion. Proper aerodynamics influence the behavior of the single-seater during the race, improving its efficiency and performance. This is a fundamental and complex task entrusted to the designers and engineers of the Alfa Romeo F1 team Stake. The team worked closely with engine and chassis designers to design a single-seater that aligns with new regulations and simultaneously ensures excellent on-track performance.
Understanding how airflow interacts with the car allows the team to be competitive in every race and make adjustments based on the weather, the asphalt and the track. Throughout the competition, a team of engineers works tirelessly on the development and refinement of aerodynamics. This happens both in Hinwil, where individual components are continually developed and tested in the wind tunnel, and on the circuits that host the World Championship Grand Prix in order to achieve the most efficient setup for every race.
The ideal car for winning is a result of this synergistic effort, which "measures the unmeasurable." The secret of success lies in bringing solutions from the Sauber Factory in Hinwil as quickly as possible to the track, reinforcing the development work .
Created to excite everyone, the new episode dynamically introduces the most relevant phenomena of this discipline: drag (resistance to forward motion) and downforce (using aero design to create downward force and more traction). The functioning of individual aerodynamic components is highlighted from the front wings, which manage the airflow both around the tires and the incoming airflow for the rest of the car, to the rear wing, which defines the overall aerodynamic load. The most difficult job for engineers is to find the optimal setup. This is a compromise between the aerodynamic load generated by the wings and the body of the car in corners and the low drag that allows it to slice through the air at high speeds.
In addition, through race images and radio broadcasts, the audience of "Measuring the Unmeasurable" will get to know the importance of feedback communicated by the drivers to engineers. This information helps create the best strategies for tire changes based on weather conditions, temperatures, wind speed and other factors. Nothing is left to chance, everything is analyzed with extreme care to optimize performance. After all, since the early 1960s, aerodynamic studies have been fundamental in the world of motor racing, constantly being refined as technology evolves and race cars become more powerful.
Cristiano Fiorio, Alfa Romeo F1 manager: "In my opinion, the topic of this episode is one of the most interesting themes of this exciting docuseries and reveals the secrets of aerodynamics, one of the most important and strategic disciplines in F1, in which the genius and vision of the best technicians are expressed. Indeed, rules have often some "gray" areas, which leave room for the most diverse interpretations. And it is precisely here that unique insights are born, those flashes of genius that can make the difference. It is a fascinating world of spasmodic research, continuous perfection and great people. That's why we have two teams, one at the track and one at the factory, that work together to get the most competitive car. All at top speed and with one goal: to dominate the air and be the best performing team."
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