Windsor Assembly Plant

2199 Chrysler Centre, Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Floor Space: 4.4 million square feet

Acreage: 177 acres

Products: Chrysler Pacifica (Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid) and Chrysler Grand Caravan (Canadian market only)

Employment: 4,289 (4,130 hourly; 159 salaried) on two shifts

Union Local: Unifor Local 195, 444 and 1498

Plant History: Facility was built in 1928. In 1939, a special Chrysler royal convertible sedan was built for the 1939 Royal Tour and thousands were shipped overseas. From 1925-1965, vehicles produced at the plant included Plymouth two- and four-door sedans, Dodge hardtops, DeSoto convertibles, Chrysler station wagons and club coupes. Production of the Plymouth Valiant began in 1966 and concluded in 1975. Production of Chrysler Cordoba and Dodge Charger SE began in 1981. Production of the original Chrysler Pacifica launched in August 2002 and ran until November 2007. Nearly 400,000 Pacificas were built. 

The plant began building minivans in 1983. The 2005 Chrysler and Dodge minivans with Stow 'n Go® seating and storage system launched in January 2004, with Swivel 'n Go coming on board in 2007. Production of the Volkswagen Routan, a rebadged Chrysler minivan, began in August 2008. The Company recognized 25 years of minivan leadership in 2008. Production of the Ram Cargo Van began on Aug. 31, 2011, and ended in early 2015 as the Company retooled the plant for production of the next generation minivan. The Company celebrated 30 years of minivan leadership in 2013. Production of the 2017 Chrysler Pacifica launched on Feb. 29, 2016, followed by the Pacifica Hybrid on Dec. 1, 2016. The last Chrysler Town & Country rolled off the assembly line on March 21, 2016. Production of the Dodge Grand Caravan ended on Aug. 21, 2020.

A third shift was introduced at Windsor Assembly in 1993 to satisfy demand for one of the most innovative vehicles on the market. While the Company was able to maintain it for nearly three decades, the plant returned to a traditional two shift operation on July 13, 2020, in order to match supply with current demand.

On May 2, 2022, a $3.6 billion CAD ($2.8 billion USD) investment was announced to transform both the Windsor and Brampton Assembly Plants to support the Company’s the Dare Forward 2030 strategic plan. Beginning in 2023, Windsor will be retooled to support production of a new multi-energy vehicle (MEV) architecture that will provide battery-electric (BEV) capability for multiple models. This will allow maximum flexibility to adjust production volumes to meet changing market demand over the next decade. Once the transformation is complete, the plant is expected to  return to a three-shift operation. 

On March 17, 2023, the Windsor Assembly Plant was recognized by the Wildlife Habitat Council for its commitment to environmental excellence. WAP was designated as Certified Gold for its 15 different environmental projects including awareness and community engagement, forested, landscaped, grassland, training and wetlands/water bodies programs.

In November 2023, the Company confirmed plans for WAP. In addition to the continuing production of the current Pacifica, including the plug-in hybrid electric (PHEV), AWD and ICE models, it was transformed to install an all-new flexible STLA Large architecture (including PHEV and battery electric (BEV) capability) to produce the next generation Dodge muscle cars. 

 (Updated: June 2024)

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